My name is Sam Grönblom. I am a software developer from Finland living Tokyo.

I write this blog for the following reasons:

I am interested in most things related to software development. I have a special interest in functional programming and especially statically typed FP. I tend to lean more to the pragmatic side, than the theoretic.

My favorite languages are ML-based such as: Haskell, F#, OCaml, PureScript, etc. However at my day job I usually code in TypeScript which I find strikes a sweet spot between pragmatism and language features.

I like outdoors activities, such as hiking, motorbiking and snowboarding. I also like running, and have participated in a few full marathons. I also play video games, especially retro-styled difficult ones that focus more on action than story. My native language is Swedish, but I have been trying to learn Finnish for the last 30 or so years. I am also very fluent in English and somewhat fluent in Japanese.

You can find some of my hobby projects on github